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Fem dansare i en studio.
Fyra dansare i en studio.
One Week Wonder 2023 Foto: Simone Ærsøe

Open call, One Week Wonder 2024!

The application is open between the 26th of February - 24th of March. Decisions will be announced at the end of April. The working week for One Week Wonder will be during week 35 and will end with a performance at BRÅDJUPA Blekinge dance festival. We are looking for 4 dancers within studies/just ended one or are about to start one. Everyone is welcome to apply but applicants with connections to Blekinge will be prioritized.


Om One Week Wonder

One Week Wonder is the new name of the project Unga Dansare that we started in 2016, with the intention to offer dancers and performers who are attending an education within dance or are in the beginning of their career, to work with a professional choreographer for one week. The ambition is to give aspiring dancers the opportunity to develop their artistry, get inspiration for further studies and to get work experience in an early stage of their career.


One Week Wonder is run by Dans i Blekinge, takes place in Karlshamn and finishes off with a performance during BRÅDJUPA Blekinge dance festival.


About BRÅDJUPA Blekinge Dance Festival

BRÅDJUPA Blekinge Dance Festival is a biennial with its starting point in Blekinge dance residency. The festival is run by Dans i Blekinge and Regionteatern Blekinge Kronoberg and will this year be arranged between August 28th - 1st of September at Lokstallarna in Karlshamn. The emphasis of the festival is both on artistic process and on artistic works. In addition to residency showings and guest performances, the festival's program will be filled with; debate, classes, workshops, jams, film screenings, morning baths and much more!


Arrangement for One Week Wonder
The dancers will work during daytime week 35 together with a choreographer in Karlshamn and create a 20-30 minutes piece. 



- One week’s work with a choreographer in a studio.

- Salary 6550 kr 

- Performance at BRÅDJUPA Blekinge dansfestival

- Documentation of the work in the form of photo and film.

- Travel costs up to 1000 kr.

- Allowance for food

How to apply

Application is made by filling out a form here at the website at the latest 24h of March 23:59. We want to know who you are and about your background within the dance field (like work and studies), together with a motivation for why you are applying for the job. Uploading of a video of you dancing and/or a link to a possible website is requested. 

We will only accept applications submitted through the form. Applications received via email and/or attachments will not be treated. If you are applying for more than one of Dans i Blekinge's posts, please submit them separately. That is, please do not refer to the previous application. Applications received after the 24th of March will not be accepted. All applicants will receive answer at the end of April.


If you have any questions, please write to

This years choreographers

We are happy to announce that KROPPSKLUBBEN will be  choreographers for One Week Wonder 2024!

The performing arts group KROPPSKLUBBEN is led by artistic directors and dancers Jilda Hallin and Lisa Nilsson. KROPPSKLUBBEN creates norm-creative, norm-critical, and feminist performing arts that overturn and disrupt to inspire the discovery of new and diverse ways of approaching the body. We thoroughly scrutinize one body part at a time, acting as a catalyst for our choreography, dance, music, and text. The repertoire includes TÅR (2023), HUD (2021), FOF - föreställningen om fittan (2020), and LÅR (2017). 

Två glada kvinnor

Together with the dancers in One Week Wonder, we create Beach Body, a dance performance for public spaces that explores and challenges the movement of the body on the beach.

The normative socialization of body language is part of our automated behavior. Depending on the context, our body language changes, and the beach, where we are most exposed, generates a body language aimed at hiding and creating illusions of existence.


In Beach Body, we explore, challenge, and redefine the movements of the beach body from new perspectives. How do we move, or not move, in swimwear? What positions does a seemingly relaxed beach body assume or not assume? How slow can one run in the Baywatch-run?

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