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En dansare i en studio.
Tre dansare i en en studio.
Blekinge Dansresidens 2023 Foto: Simone Ærsøe

OPEN CALL, Blekinge Dance Residency 2024.

The application is open between the 12th of February - 10th of March. Decisions will be announced during April. The period of the residency is from the 11th of August - 1st of September 2024 (between the 28th of August - 1st of September BRÅDJUPA Blekinge dance festival is taking place and the residency will be part of the festival). We offer two artists/groups residency during a three-week period. Each residency refers to 1-4 people.


The application is open to all professional dance and performing artists. We welcome experienced artists as well as recent graduates, national and international applicants.


About the residency

Blekinge Dance Residency is a place where artists are invited to focus and explore. A space for responsiveness and sensitivity to nuances, a moving place in dialogue with the surroundings. The residency wants to encourage being in the unknown, to follow your intuition and to create something untested rather than presenting finished works. 


The residency is run by Dans i Blekinge, takes place at Massmanska Kvarnen in Ronneby and finishes off with a residency showing during BRÅDJUPA Blekinge dance festival.


The residency wants to promote opportunities for local, national and international exchange.


About BRÅDJUPA Blekinge Dance Festival

BRÅDJUPA Blekinge Dance Festival is a biennial with its starting point in Blekinge dance residency. The festival is run by Dans i Blekinge and Regionteatern Blekinge Kronoberg and will this year be arranged between August 28th - 1st of September at Lokstallarna in Karlshamn. The emphasis of the festival is both on artistic process and on artistic works. In addition to residency showings and guest performances, the festival's program will be filled with; debate, classes, workshops, jams, film screenings, morning baths and much more!


Theme of the year

The theme for this year's residency and BRÅDJUPA is Driftwood series, instant premonitions. The theme is a starting point and we encourage applicants to work freely within the theme.



Week 33 Residency at Massmanska kvarnen in Ronneby

Week 34 Residency at Massmanska kvarnen in Ronneby

Week 35 Residency at Massmanska kvarnen in Ronneby, residency showing and participation during BRÅDJUPA Blekinge dance festival at Lokstallarna in Karlshamn.


Included in the residency 

  • Travel expenses to Ronneby and from Karlshamn up to 5 000 SEK /residency artist/group (only for train, bus or boat trips).

  • A grant of 35 000 SEK (alternative 26 632 SEK as gross salary) per artist/group.

  • Free studio time

  • Accommodation in Ronneby and Karlshamn.

  • Daily training.

  • Feedback sessions with a knowledgeable person within the field, if desired.

  • A residency showing during BRÅDJUPA Blekinge Dance Festival.

  • Documentation of the showing in the form of film and photos.

  • Access to BRÅDJUPA Blekinge Dance Festival.


Not included in the residency

  • Expenses for food.

  • Insurance.

  • Traveling costs exceeding the aforementioned amount.


Expectations of the artists

  • Lead daily training.

  • Participate in an open rehearsal for the public during the stay in Ronneby.

  • Present at the end of the residency period at BRÅDJUPA Blekinge Dance Festival. 

  • Participate in an artist talk at BRÅDJUPA.


How to apply

Go to and fill out the form. We will only accept applications submitted through the form. Applications received via email and/or attachments will not be treated. If you are applying for more than one of Dans i Blekinge's posts, please submit them separately. That is, please do not refer to the previous application. Applications received after the 10th of March will not be accepted.


If you have questions, please write to or and feel free to visit for more information about the organization.


Blekinge Dance Residency is supported by: Statens Kulturråd, Region Blekinge and Ronneby Kommun. 

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